Maryclare Griffin

Postdoctoral Associate
Cornell University
Center for Applied Mathematics


I’m interested in multivariate data and data with little/no replication. I like thinking in terms of models, but because I’m always worried that models are wrong I’m also interested in model misspecification.


About Me

I grew up in Massachusetts, went to college at the University of Chicago, spent the first three years of graduate school in Seattle and the last two in Durham, North Carolina. I received my Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Washington in 2018 under the supervision of Peter Hoff. Right now, I’m a postdoctoral associate in the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell, where I am learning all about time series from David Matteson and Gennady Samorodnitsky. In September 2019, I will join the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as an assistant professor!


Trying to keep my beagle from eating non-food items, chasing my barking hound, finding new pizzas to eat, and hanging out with my mom Claire, dad John, and sister Norah.